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H. Constance Hill

H.Constance Hill has been an independent journalist and author since 1980. She has lived in England and in Holland, and for many years specialized in travel writing journeying globally. These experiences changed her world perspective from national to international.

Travel in the physical world nourished Connie's spiritual journey. She has studied widely in the metaphysical field, and continues to be both student and teacher of personal awareness workshops. Connie has uniquely combined her communications and artistic talents since she began channeling more then 10 years ago. As her work with Spirit evolves, she regularly receives wisdom from beyond, and guidance as to how best to serve as a spokesperson of integrity for it.

Wisdom From Beyond

Wisdom From Beyond


by H.Constance Hill

What do Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa, Robert Kennedy, Lady Diana, and Walt Disney have in common? And, add Elvis, John Lennon, Julia Child, Pope John Paul II, and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).

They are among the 35 entities, previously incarnated high-profile personalities, who have reached out to communicate to us helpful knowl- edge that can change our relationship with life as we live it now.

The profound guidance these message-bearers share from their vantage point in the realm of Spirit confirms that Life is eternal. There is no death, as we have thought of it, and no need for the pervasive guilt, greed, and fear that seem to engulf our lives.

In digestible doses of wisdom from beyond, the contributors-who, though in Spirit, remain part of our contemporary culture-offer comfort as they reveal how we can adapt to the positive changes that will occur as Earth and its people rise to a higher vibration of existence. A wonderful gift from the loving universe to us.

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