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Helens Notes

Helens Notes


The Unabridged Transcribed Notes - First 8 Chapters of A Course In Miracles

Received by Helen Schucman from Jesus

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These notes show us the loving and corrective nature of Jesus in his relationship with both Helen and Bill while demonstrating that a very real personal relationship is available to each and every one of us with both Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the Course for all of us is designed to foster within our own hearts and minds.

The retail cost of the book will be set at $19.95 + shipping and handling. However in order to increase the number of this first printing run we would like to make PRE-Publication Sales available at $15 + $3 S&H per copy. In the event there are likewise those who feel the importance of this being made available to any and all who would find it helpful and are guided to do so, please feel free to use this as a way to contribute in the manner you have been led to. Thank you for your support in this endeavour.

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